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Private Readings

by telephone or in-person.
  • "Marcy's warmth, wisdom, and generosity of spirit touched me and helped me so. She educated me and reminded me of things that perhaps I forgot. My reading was an experience that resonated with me in a powerful way." - Wendy, NYC
Readings for guests of parties and special events
at any type of social or business gathering.
  • Our holiday event was a great success, due in large part to Marcy's exceptional presence. Many staff members and guests told me how much they enjoyed their readings with Marcy." -Tom Chaisen, AT&T
Marcy is available to teach numerology or tarot in either private, or group settings.
  • "Marcy has been both a teacher and an inspiration to me. She's also an amazing person and I feel truly grateful to know her." - Bill, San Francisco
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I've Got Your Number!
Numerology is the Spiritual measurement of the soul's progress and plan for this lifetime revealed in our name and numbers. It is the study of cycles, vibrations and symbols and a scientific mirror that reveals your strengths, your plan and purpose for being here now. Through the letters and numbers in your name Numerology shows you the blueprint of your life. Nobody can live your destiny as well as You. The numbers and letters in your name are your savings account. It sets the stage for your style of communication, your abilities and talents and contributions for you to express through. Simply put it shows what you come here to accomplish, how the assignment should be undertaken and what tools you have been given to live a larger life. Moreover, numerology is a great tool to show you the influences of the current year you're in. "To Everything There Is a Season." Everything goes in cycles - find out what yours are? The world is waiting for your gifts. Begin now to move deliberately into the directions of your dreams and experience the Magic of You through the science of Numerology. Knowledge is Power!

Mystical Tarot
The tarot has always been a true source of mystery to mankind. Through the magic of its esoteric and symbolic wisdom it is one of the most mystical, magical and empowering oracles to manifest your intentions, dreams and visions. The Tarot acts as a tool for communication with our inner wisdom and higher self. Knowledge is Power and through this body of knowledge it acts as a master teacher to guide each of us into a state of human bodily perfection.

Special Events/Parties
Successful events have an elusive quality, an excitement and energy that set them apart. Marcy's years of experience in the entertainment field and her ability to tailor creative programs will guarantee an unforgettable experience. Whether for family or corporate fun, her dazzling package of magical entertainment is sure to create a spellbinding effect. Marcy's readings are suitable for any special occasion. Regardless of who your guests are, they are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Focusing on numerology, tarot intuition and much, much more we can weave our own destiny. By integrating body, mind and spirit, we can step into our magic by living the life we were born to live. Mystical Marcy is a dynamic, inspirational artist specializing in metaphysics, the science of numerology and Tarot. Marcy will reveal your life purpose, gifts and talents. Mystical Marcy can assist you to:
  • Create a NEW IMAGE aligning yourself with the greater truth of who you are while redesigning your life to express the limitless potential that lies within you

  • Find TRUE LOVE expanding and opening up your heart to giving and receiving more love

  • Experience more ABUNDANCE, PEACE AND PROSPERITY creating a larger life discovering your highest purpose and deepest destiny

  • Create the WORK YOU LOVE following your heart's desire and cultivating your own unique genius

  • Follow your BLISS have more passion and more power than ever before to live a remarkable life
It is time for us to each step into the full radiance of who we and express our vision, voice and genius. You are the universe in person, passionate for the possible - the architect creating and manifesting their dreams into the world to live the life you were born to live.

Mystical Marcy is an inspirational artist who will assist you in discovering your life purpose, gifts and talents. Mystical Marcy's intuitive powers make the connection every time. She impacts all she touches with wisdom and love. Marcy is a superb communicator and The Master of her Craft!

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